Woodgate Primary School

"Working together to be our best"

Good News

We are delighted to tell you that at the Cabinet Meeting of WSSC yesterday our move to Woodgate Pease Pottage was given formal approval - this was the final stage of the consultation process and followed the period when there could have been a legal objection to the proposed move.

It has been a difficult time for all of us, parents and staff alike, when our future was in the balance and we share with you an enormous sense of relief - and a sense of keen anticipation of the excitement in firming up on our plans for the new school. We have been in constant contact with the developer and are assured that despite the complications of the Covid-19 situation the building schedule is still in place to secure an opening date for September 2021. Thakehams will be launching an early publicity campaign to advertise our move to Woodgate and it will hopefully attract new pupils for the future. Keep in touch via Facebook.

We have a copy of the new school plans and we are hoping for an opportunity to share these with you.

Finally thank you for support over the past months in helping to secure the result we were all hoping for.