Woodgate Primary Academy

"Working together to be our best"

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Headteacher - Mrs Sarah Neller


Advisory - Mrs Marion West


Ladybirds (Nursery)

Helena McGill (Leader Monday-Thursday)

Charlotte Cooper (Assistant Leader and Leader Friday)

Jessica O'Flaherty (Nursery Assistant)

Paula Marcinek (Nursery Assistant)

Hedgehogs (Year R and Year 1)
- Miss Stephanie Sanders 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Sue Malik

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Stacey Martin (am)


Woodpeckers AM (Year 1)

Teacher - Mrs Sarah Van-Schuerbeck

Teaching Assistant - Ms Laura Webber

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Zoe Siveter


Squirrels AM (Year 2)

Teacher - Mr Matieu Clay

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Zoe Siveter


Dragonflies PM (Year 1 and 2)

Teacher - Mrs Sarah Van-Schuerbeck

PPA Teacher - Mr Matieu Clay

Teaching Assistant - Ms Laura Webber

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Stacey Martin

Otters (Year 3 and Year 4)
 -  Mrs Louise Highton

PPA Teacher - Mrs Louise Tasquier

Trainee Teacher - Miss Holly Partridge

Teaching Assistant - Ms Shontele Pace (AM)

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Carol Wilkinson

Teaching Assistant - Ms Holly Barber

Foxes (Year 5 and Year 6)
Teacher -  Mrs Ruth Whaley 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Tracey Hill

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Pippa Quy

Teaching Assistant - Ms Shontele Pace (PM)

Mrs Jenny Bird - if you wish to contact our SENCO, please contact Woodgate Primary School Office on 01444 461329


SEN Consultant

Mrs Alison Burholt

Pastoral Support

Mrs Pippa Quy

Clerk to the Governors
Alison Carrington


School Administrators

Mrs Sharon Tossell and Mrs Kirstie Wickens

Mrs Karen Ramsbottom - Administrative Consultant

Premises Officer & Forest School
Mrs Dawn Mitchell

Breakfast Club - Mrs Sue Malik

After School Club - Miss Jessica O'Flaherty, Ms Laura Webber and Mrs Carol Wilkinson